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Enable Full DVD Playback in Ubuntu 13.04

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Enable Full DVD playback in Ubuntu 13.04
Out of the box Ubuntu can't play DVD's and as a result you may get some error message stating that it can't play the inserted disc. The problem is the most of the DVD's come with something called CSS - Content Scramble System which is some sort of encryption which allows those DVD's function more efficiently and securely.

So, As we all know, their are lots of legal tangles which holds Ubuntu from giving you some out of the box features, which simply means that we should do it manually.

To enable full DVD playback, all you have to do is to install "libdvdread4" package from Ubuntu software center which in-turn installs required libraries to function with DVD's.

After installing 'libdvdread4' just copy and paste the following code in to the terminal and press enter.

sudo /usr/share/doc/libdvdread4/

 Hopefully it will take few seconds to complete and after that you can play your DVD's in all most all applications. 


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