Tuesday, March 26

How To Direct Download Torrents - Simple and Easy

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There will be times where people want to download their torrent files via direct download which is kinda faster and won't depend totally on seeding, The reasons may vary from person to person and also depends on the situations like seeds, lechers, peers, connection speed, collages or universities blocking torrent clients or ports etc..,

For this how to guide we are using zbigz.com as our online bit torrent client and don't worry there is no need to download and install any download client from these guys which means that you can use you regular browser or other download clients like Internet download manager to download your files form zbig.com.

Lets get to work

## First of all you may need to register with zbigz.com to grab some free privileges over unregistered users like storage capacity, etc. More over registration is free, So go ahead and register.

## After registering you will be redirected to the homepage of zbigz where you can upload your favorite torrent or you can just paste the torrent link as i did for this how to guide and click GO button to start caching the file.

::##:: Torrent link will look something like this: http://www.backtrack-linux.org/ajax/download_redirect.php?id=BT5R3-GNOME-64.torrent
Upload torrent file

zbigz downloading/caching your torrent

## After the caching is finished you can zip it and download with your native browser download client or you can use download managers like Internet Download Manager to download your torrent.
zip it and download your torrent

Not only zbigz but there are some other online bittorrent clients like PUT.iO, FileStream.me, etc.., which will help you download torrents much faster and safer, To find more you can just Google them.


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