Wednesday, February 20

Canonical Unveils Its New Ubuntu on Tables

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The long awaited news of ubuntu on tablets is just been released by canonical, The new ubuntu tablet interface is loaded with future rich features like 'Side Stage' and much more while sharing some of the elements of ubuntu phone.


Ubuntu tablet's new side-stage feature enables users to place their ubuntu phone and table app at the same screen for its amazing productivity. Ubuntu's amazing multitasking enables you to take skype call while working on a documents or browsing etc..,


Come on, Ubuntu is known for its amazing and beautiful design and user interface. The look and feel of the UI is same as of the desktop and phone so that you can enjoy to its maximum.

Feature Rich

New ubuntu on tablets is real feature rich with feature like Instant share and Cloud Connections, Video control in HUD, Cleaner UI, Swipe through any system service or search or settings and much more.

There is no deny that today's tablets are no less then laptops... Ubuntu got this one and added extensive support with which you can actually add a keyboard to your table and use it a full pc client  with access to Windows apps over standard protocols from Microsoft, Citrix, VMware and Wyse. That lets enterprise IT deploy a single, secure, portable corporate device for all kinds of applications.

New Ubuntu Table Videos

Ubuntu Tablet Triler

Mark Shuttleworth explaining Ubuntu for tablets


The developer preview may be available from 21st FEB 2013, which includes tablet and phone interfaces. Moreover, Ubuntu on tablets is going to be showcased on MWC(Mobile World Congress) held from 25th -28th February in Barcelona.
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