Wednesday, February 15

Enable Aero in Windows 7 Home Basic And Starter

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As a matter of fact it been a while since i'm active on this blog and i feel very sorry for that.... Anyway with in last few days i bought a new laptop which is Dell Inspiron 14R.... which came with windows 7 home basic. We all know that windows 7 home basic doesn't have aero enabled, So in this post we will know how to enable aero in windows 7 home basic and starter.

When i'm saying aero, i'm saying that we will how to enable all the aero effects including glass effect, ability to install themes etc..,

Enable Aero In Windows 7 Home Basic Or Starter:

Actually there are many other programs which will help you in enabling the Aero effect, but most of them cannot help you in enabling Aero-peek, glassy effects and installing windows7 themes. But Personalization-Panel will help you do all the things you need and will also add personalize tab in right-click menu.

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